Use Restrictions

Last updated: February 19, 2021

However good the maker’s intentions, technology can amplify the ability to cause great harm. That’s why we’ve established this policy. We feel an ethical obligation to counter such harm: both in terms of dealing with instances where ChatLesson is used (and abused) to further such harm, and to state unequivocally that ChatLesson is not a safe haven for people who wish to commit such harm. If you have an account with any of our products, you can’t use them for any of the restricted purposes listed below. If we find out you are, we will take action.

Restricted purposes

While our use restrictions are comprehensive, they can’t be exhaustive. That said, we hope the overarching spirit is clear: ChatLesson is not to be harnessed for harm.

How to report abuse

For all suspected cases, please let us know by emailing our team. If you’re not 100% sure if something rises to the level of our use restrictions policy, report it anyway.

Please share as much as you are comfortable with about the account, the content or behavior you are reporting, and how you found it. Sending us a URL or screenshots is super helpful. If you need a secure file transfer, let us know and we will send you a link. We will not disclose your identity to anyone associated with the reported account.

*This policy and process applies to any product created and owned by ChenGen Corporation. This includes ChatLesson.

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